Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our first conference

By the time Alex goes back to school on Tuesday, he will have been out of school for a week. An entire week! When it snowed, the kids got out of school early on Thursday. Then they had Friday and Monday off. Alex went to school on Tuesday then he had Wednesday through Friday off for parent-teacher-student conferences. Of course, Monday is a holiday which means another day off. Kinda crazy, isn't it?!

His parent-teacher-student conference was a first for us and I really liked it. It was student directed, which I thought was nice because it put them in charge. Alex saved a few pieces of work from each of his core classes. Before the conference he had done a self-evaluation from that last semester. He showed me his work and self-evaluation then he had to set goals for this semester.

After all of this was done, each core teacher met with us for about 10 minutes. All three had positive things to say about Alex. Actually, each one said that they appreciated that he was "enthusiastic." I think that's a great word to describe him! In the end, Alex decided that he needed to work on his organization skills and use his agenda more. He is also wanting to improve his grades in math and humanities. He has some good goals for this semester.

After meeting the teachers, I met his school counselor. We had an interesting conversation. He asked me, "This is Alex's first year in public school, right?" I told him that yes, he was homeschooled through last year. To which he replied, "That's what throws me off about him. His social skills are very good. He doesn't sit with the same group of kids at lunch most of the time. He seems to move easily around all of the groups of kids." My (intentional) response was, "When we decided to homeschool our kids it was not our intent to isolate them. Therefore, they have had a lot of opportunities to interact among all different types of people."

The counselor's eyes went a little wide. (Here is where I admit that I loved the response I received!) I followed up with, "I only say that because I know that there are homeschoolers who intentionally isolate their kids from the world. That was not our goal."

Here is is where I also admit that I so enjoy breaking all of the stereotypes!

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That's a great conference. You've done well with the homeschooling!