Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Yarn along

I have been working away on my kid's Christmas presents. I gave them the option of not knowing what they were getting. For a while, they did not want to know. That made knitting a bit tricky, especially on weekends.

I took my daughter's present to my son's last swim meet because she was not there. Unexpectedly, she showed up and saw me working away on her gift. The jig was up. She was thrilled to see what I was working on. Today, I need to take it in to a yarn shop for some help, though, because I'm stuck on a section. I'll show pictures next week.

My son finally asked to see what I was making him. When I showed him the Tardis socks, he was equally as thrilled to see what I was working on. These are quite fun to make and are going quicker than expected.

As far as reading goes, I'm still in the middle of In the Garden of Beasts. It really is an enjoyable work of history. I am finding it amusing at how scandalous the U.S. ambassador's daughter was. We usually relate the start of the sexual revolution to the 1960's, but I'm beginning to wonder if we should consider the early 1930's to be the start.

Happy knitting and reading everyone!

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Kim Goodling said...

I have a daughter that would LOVE this knitting project! We are all Dr. Who fans!

Erin said...

Those Tardis socks are amazing. Thank you for adding a pattern to my queue. :)

Kathleen Jeffs said...

Kate was hoping it was a beanie!