Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn along

Projects are progressing, but are not even near to be completed. I did finish one sleeve on the sweater and have started the second. I will have a good chunk of time to knit today, so hopefully I will get far on that.

As for the sock goes, I have made it this far...

Too far, if you ask me. I should have stopped before I turned the heel.

This sock is so big. It doesn't even fit me! I really don't want to keep going and make it bigger because then it means it will be a few years before my son can even wear it.

My plan is to create a lifeline all the way back up to the color work and frog the sock back up that far. Then I think I'll decrease at least 10 stitches to make the leg tighter. I also want to change up the pattern in the paneling portion of the pattern on the leg. Those long "lines" that you see are slipped stitches over several rows. I can just imagine an active teen boy snagging one of those slipped stitches and ripping it. I really do not want to redo the color work, so I'm thinking of getting some elastic thread to weave through there to tighten it up too. I also do not like how big the heel is. I think I'll resize that too.

Fortunately, my son is very patient.

How is your knitting progressing? Link up at Yarn Along!


Hege said...

Sorry you have to rip back...
Maybe you have to go down a needle size.
I am going to knit this sock pattern for my kids too, just need to find the right yarn first. We love Dr. Who :)

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Cute pattern, but yes, down a needle size is probably your best bet.

Can you make those vertical lines with a twisted stitch, or a 2 st cable like a right twist? It would give texture but not be so "catchable".

And definitely re-make the heel to be whatever you want. By the time you get to the heel, you can follow your favorite sock recipe and it won't make any difference that you didn't follow this pattern.