Thursday, July 17, 2014

This year's garden

This year's garden is not any different than last year's garden.

Except that I lost my rosemary and thyme plant during the winter. That made me kind of sad.

This year I have:

Strawberries in one box. The strawberries were in a smaller container, so I did not get many this year. I recently replanted them in a box and I hope that will give it a better chance to grow and produce more fruit next year.

Blueberry bushes that will not stop producing! It's such a horrible problem to have.

A box of lettuce. I love being able to go cut of leaves for a sandwich or salad whenever I want.

An herb box with a surviving Thai basil plant and a struggling Italian basil plant. My cilantro and parsley decided to not do so well. I also have a container of chives.

Alex's science teacher gave the kids some hybrid tomato plant seeds at the end of the school year. While most of the tomato plants here have fruit on them, ours are still growing strong in their pots. I am hoping they will produce fruit before the cooler fall weather hits.

Today I dug out all of the garlic that I planted last fall. The cloves are tiny. I need to find a better garlic to plant this fall.

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Kathryn said...

I'm a very challenged gardener, but i find that i do better each year. I'm envious of your blueberries. I've had no luck with them at all.

Looking good. :)